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In which I fuss and fiddley-fart with things I know nothing about, and hopefully get some good costumes out of it.


scorponis asked : Hello lovely. I was just wondering how you went about making the feet for the femme!Hellboy cosplay. I'm thinking of making a cosplay with non-human feet and I have no idea how to start!


For reals, all they are are a pair of plat form high heels with the heels cut off. 

As you see. 

It was absolutely HELL getting the heel off. What I didn’t know was that inside the heel part there’s a really thick gauge steel tube that supports the shoe. I had some help from my grandpa, who has lots o’ power tools, and we ended up using a high powered hand saw, a vice and a pair of heavy duty bolt cutters.

After we sanded down our carnage, I used cardboard and duct tape to make the shape of the hoof, then covered the whole thing with fabric and hot glue. When I wear them, I keep them on with the leather wrappings and walk on my toes. I can walk on the heels for a time, but too much and I have to rewrap everything, which is a pain. It takes practice!! 

The bit that’s rounded there, before the hoof begins; that’s the toe of the original heels. So technically my heel is the bit that looks like the extra joint of the goat/sheep/deer/whatever. 

Here’s some with the bindings on. It really depends on what the feet look like— if it’s more of a goat/fawn thing, this is a good method, but if it’s more like a wolf, some of the cosplayers in the Fursuit community have some AMAZING tutorials. I’m not into wearing those myself, but you have to admire the craftsmanship on those things!!

I hope this helped a bit!! =3 

cosplayingfromthebeginning asked : Hello! I was just wondering where you got your Elsa wig :) It looks utterly fantastic!

Awww, thank you!! I actually kinda made it? It’s definitely not one that took to styling easily, so I modified it a TON. I got it at a local costume shop, but it’s pretty much this one here

Be forewarned, though! This is NOT a nice wig!! 

It’s frizzy, shiny as hell, and the wefts are really sparse on the top. I needed something quick though, so I’m modifying this one. The process so far included soaking it in a fabric softener treatment for four days to get the shine off, cutting, teasing and styling, nearly half a can of hairspray and four hours of work. And I’m still not done. There are large chunks in the front where wefts are visible, so I have to make extensions from the leftover hair I cut off, which’ll prolly take me another 3 hours or so. 

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this wig. I’d prolly get one on ebay instead. XD 

TEST SHOTS. I was gonna squeeze ‘em in but Tumblr made the thing all dumb apparently. Cant put ‘em side by side without odd squishing anymore? 

ANYWAY wig and makeup test so far for Queen Elsa. //SHRUGS

Holy shit. I actually feel pretty accomplished with this one. Not bad for a 15 dollar wig. 

I still have work to do— I’m going to attempt to make net weaves with the extra hair I cut off to do her little widows peak in the front and cover up some exposed wefts I couldn’t cover, but wowiee

…oh yeah hey hi there hello I’m kinda back whats up. XD

ps my kitchen is crazy dirty because instead of cleaning it I did cosplay woops DONT LOOK AT IT

Carlos— with glasses and without glasses. 

He looks so worried. No, not worried… concerned. 

Carlos; Sweet Carlos. 

A quick wig/makeup test for Carlos from Welcome to Night Vale. Still need a few things, including a lab coat. 

New Video!!:: Zidane Tribal Masqurade Entry AX2012

WOOO!! Thanks to Earlybird Costumes for finding this one for me. =3 This was my first Masquerade performance and I didn’t even intend to compete at all that year, I was just nabbed from the hall and asked to participate. Glad I did though, it was an amazing experience, even though I did feel like I was gonna hurl. XD

scorponis asked : What do you use for the face makeup to cosplay Rabbit? :D

I have no idea how long this question has been in here, I’m so sorry. XD

I use combination Ben Nye and Graftoban bronze/gold mix. I can pretty much do the complete makeup in two hours now…. I finished with translucent setting powder. =3 

"Aw, crap." 

My Fem!Hellboy cosplay for Free Comic Book Day 2013. I had a lot of fun in this outfit, even though it’s one of the hardest to wear. The hooves forced me to walk on my toes the entire time, but I think they turned out pretty well for only having two days to work on them. XD

Hope you like!

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…who’s there?
Skyward Sword Link by Arcane Cosplay
Photo by Samuel Harvey // selectsubtract

…who’s there?

Skyward Sword Link by Arcane Cosplay

Photo by Samuel Harvey // selectsubtract